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In a Pinch

Introducing In a Pinch API

Published On: 2022-07-14T01:29:39.207Z

In a Pinch API

While the front-end design might be lagging a bit right now, every consideration has been made to build this API. Eventually In a Pinch will provide a suite of tools to make your life easier when building a website but I'm happy to announce the first one is ready, In a Pinch Loaders!


In a Pinch Loaders allow you customize how you consume APIs; either through caching, variables anywhere in the request, post-processing with groq (a JSON manipulation tool built by Sanity), or all of the above by leveraging the power of fetch.

Checkout the documentation if you want to know more about using the API.

What's Next?

The future of In a Pinch is very bright; without going into the specifics, here are just a few of the features we'll be adding soon!

We'll be listening to you, please reach out to us on Discord or our Support forms in the website if there's anything we can help out with!